​​​​​Weekly prize for first place is 300 - ties will split.

Weekly Winners:

Week 1: HUFFER.

Week 2: HUFFER.

Week 3: CVALLEY.


Week 5: MORGO53.



Week 8: (TIE) HUDDY2121. & TRENTONS GA.

Week 9: TB12.

Week 10: GRANDPA16.

Week 11: TONKA9954.

Week 12: MORGO53.


Week 14: MR MORGS.

Week 15: HUFFER.

Week 16: MCHUNK.



Prizes at the end of the 18 week regular season:

1st Place: 2400 - HUDDY2121

2nd Place: 1400 - RICK WAMPLER

3rd Place : 850 - CANADIANBEAVERS
4th Place : 500 - GBALL 1

5th Place : 200 - TB12

Lowest Tiebreaker Points: 100 - YAKATTACK333

(You must play all games in 18 weeks to be eligible for lowest tiebreaker points)


Payouts are for "positions" and will be averaged in case of a tie, just like our other pools. MNF football points are used as a tiebreaker to determine your position. Lowest tiebreaker points is taken from the office football pool website and is lowest total point difference for the 18 week regular season.

Once again this season, we have our own "tdscore" weekly NFL Pool called "PICKEM 2023". Entry fee this year is 90 for the full 18 week regular season. The pool is being hosted by a 3rd party website called officefootballpool.com which is "for entertainment only" so please don't mention money to them. You can log in with your user name and password that you created when you joined. If you have any questions, contact me. Please DO NOT contact the 3rd party web site administrator at officefootballpool.com.

Log in to the Pick'em pool by clicking HERE

Pool ID: 94791 Password: football

If you already have a login from last year, click the tab to "Log In". If you are new this year, select the tab to "Register".

Rules: The official deadline for making your weekly picks is Sunday at 1 PM Eastern time (before kickoff). If there is a Thursday night game, you have until Thursday kickoff time to make ALL your picks,but you can change your picks for the other games up until the Sunday deadline. You will also be required to submit a tiebreaker which is the total points scored on Monday Night Football. Prizes: After expenses, prize money will be divided with approximately half going towards the 18 "weekly" winners and the rest going towards the "end of season" winners. The number of winners and payouts will be determined by the number of entries.

​​​If you have any problems or questions joining the pool, please let me know. Please be aware that the 3rd party site says "for entertainment only".

Log in to the Pick'em pool by clickinHERE

Please email me with your payment preference if you are a winner!

Weekly Pick'em Football 2023

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