BACK AGAIN THIS YEAR! We have a College Bowl Pick'em pool! Entry fee this year is 25 for each entry you submit. The pool is being hosted by a 3rd party website called which is "for entertainment only". This is the same site we use for the Weekly Football Pick'em, so you can log in with your same user name and password that you use for the NFL Pick'em pool. Otherwise follow the links below to join the pool If you have any questions, contact me. Please DO NOT contact the 3rd party web site administrator at

Log in to the Pick'em pool by clicking HERE

Pool ID: 189903 Entry code: football

Rules: You are picking the games straight up, no point spread will be used. The official deadline for making your picks is before the start of the first game on 12/16/23 at 11:00 AM. Once you make all your picks, you will have the option of changing your picks up until kickoff for each game. You will also be required to submit a tiebreaker which is the total points scored in the Championship game. Please be aware that the Autopicker has been turned OFF.Prizes: After expenses, the prize pool will be determined by the number of paid entries. I expect to pay at least 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

​​​If you have any problems or questions joining the pool, please emailme. Please be aware that the 3rd party site says "for entertainment only", so no mention of money to them!

2023 College Bowls Pick'em

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Log in to the Pick'em pool by clickinHERE
Prizes at the end of the College Bowl season:

Please email me with your payment preference if you are a winner!

1st Place: 770 -

2nd Place: 450 - WALLBROOK

3rd Place : 300 - SPRIDEL15

The total points in the championship game will be used as a tiebreaker to determine your final position. In case of a tie, payout positions will be averaged, just like our other pools.